My name's Amir Ali Siassi, I was born in Los Angeles, California on September 24th 1979. I graduated from Crossroads High School on June 1st 1997. I completed a total of 30 college unit credits at Santa Monica College and was accepted into Maharishi University of Management (learning the Transcendental Meditation Sidhi technique!) I had been writing poetry since my teens and published my first poem in Howard Ely’s Colors of Life (2006). A year later I was published in Mr. Ely's The International Who's Who in Poetry (2007). In 2008, I self-published the first volume of my poetical tetralogy Life Lines in 2009 followed by Life Lines volume II in 2010, Life Lines volume III in 2011 and Life Lines IV in 2019 (Xlibris.) I also translated the following books: The Mystical Persian Legacy now in its 4th print (AcePub/Blue Room), The Mystical Persian Legacy (Volume II), Iran Before Islam now in its 3rd print (AcePub/Blue Room), As I See Myself Like You now in its 2nd print (AcePub/Blue Room), Hafez's Mystical Language (AcePub/Blue Room), Selection from the Garden of Sa'adi (AcePub/Blue Room), Hakim Omar Khayyam's Quatrains (AcePub/Blue Room), Selection of Baba Taher's Couplets (AcePub/Blue Room), Hymns of Khajah Abdullah Ansari (AcePub/Blue Room), The Witness of Light trilogy (AcePub/Mehr Publishing) Enlightenment for Life at 100% (Sri Sri Ravi Shankar) & 45 Poems from Shams'e Tabrizi (AcePub/Blue Room). I've also written & recorded 6 volumes of my English music album Serving A Greater Earth (available in digital stores.) & 2 volumes of my Farsi music album MehRaj (available in digital stores.)